Simona Halep Post Match Interview Dubai Open 2019

Tiered Simona Halep
Literally drained out Romanian Simona, unable to match aggressiveness of her opponent and lost to Switzerland’s Belinda Bencic.

Q. Your ninth match in 13 days. Did it feel like that?
Simona Halep: Yeah, it was really difficult physically. I was tired. After the second set, I felt like I’m getting cramping a little bit. It’s normal. I was sweating a lot.

Yeah, she played well. She played very well. In the end, she was a little bit stronger.

Q. Seemed like you were taking more risk on your serve today.
Simona Halep: I couldn’t serve that well because of my Achilles. I felt last match a little bit. The left leg a little bit of cramping.

But there are no excuses, just the fact that I’m tired. It’s okay.

Q. What did you make of the way she was playing?
Simona Halep: Honestly, I didn’t check that much. I just wanted to play as I decided before this tournament, to finish the balls. I was too far back in this match. I couldn’t feel like to go to be more aggressive. That’s why maybe I couldn’t finish when I was leading.

Q. A lot of competitive matches over the last two weeks. What do you take away from the Middle East, and including Fed Cup as well?
Simona Halep: I think were three good weeks. Tough weeks. A lot of tension, a lot of pressure. Also the Fed Cup.

I take only positive things. I had great matches. My level is good. Physically also I’m good. But day by day I had to play, so is not easy.

I’m confidence for the next tournaments.

Q. Planning a rest before Indian Wells?
Simona Halep: Yeah, I will have rest now.

Q. How would you assess her game? What is it about her as a player that is difficult?
Simona Halep: She’s aggressive. She’s hitting the balls really hard no matter where she hits. This makes you to feel the pressure. I think she serves well. I think she’s a complete player and she can play good tennis.

Q. Getting the break back in the final set, did you feel you had the opportunity, or did your body really feel it?
Simona Halep: The body felt that it’s tired. Even if I was not giving up, I felt like I don’t have enough to win.

But I played till the end. I tried just to stay there no matter the result.

Q. The Achilles, is it a concern?
Simona Halep: It is just a pain. I’m not worried. Maybe it’s because I’m tired, also I had too many matches. I need a few days off and then I will be okay.

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